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Life size dummy of Charles Saatchi exhibited to allows public to recreate Nigella Lawson throttle

A life-size dummy, apparently created in the likeness of Charles Saatchi has been placed on display within the Jealous Gallery in Crouch End London, allowing people to have their picture taken of its hand around their throat.

As the divorce of Saatchi and his celebrity chef wife Nigella Lawson is granted, the ‘artwork’ is being promoted, allowing people to recreate the scene where Saatchi was photographed putting his hand around Lawson’s throat.

The work is entitled ‘Playful Tiff’, and is complete with bright red horns, the image adopted by Saatchi to promote his book ‘Be The Worst You Can Be’.

The sign placed next to the model explains: “Please note this is NOT Charles Saatchi.

“Please feel free to take a picture of yourself being strangled by NOT Charles Saatchi on your mobile phone.”

The creator of the artwork is remaining anonymous.

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