Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal. What other memes will follow?

Biggest news to hit the internet this week? Grumpy Cat, the internet meme, is set to hit a cinema screen near you after signing a deal to star in a Hollywood movie.

Of course, this got The Drum team to thinking. What other internet jokes could inspire the next blockbuster?

Take a look at our best ideas – Hollywood, we're waiting for your call.


First appearing on Reddit, this image of a young girl with braces holding several books from the children's book series Goosebumps sparked a host of captions written to sound like a speech impediment. The most popular captions started with 'Ermahgerd', or 'Oh My God'. Our big movie idea? We see her in a ‘Clueless’ style scenario, navigating high school circa 1996 and struggling to find a date to prom, all before getting her big break as a kid's horror book writer after graduation. A young Rob Lowe will play the male lead. Of course.

Ikea Monkey

The Ikea Monkey hit social media pages everywhere last year after he was found wandering around a Montreal branch of Ikea in a Dell-boy style sheepskin coat.The movie plot? The film opens on Ikea Monkey, real name Darwin, up a cold, snow covered mountain in the depths of Canada. All that is keeping him warm is his sheepskin coat and a faint memory of a happier time with his owner. The audience follows Darwin as he makes his way back home, via Ikea where accidentally joins an army of weapon wielding garden gnomes.

The Yelling Goat

It started with a recording of a Peruvian goat repeatedly making a loud bleating noise reminiscent of a human yelling and quickly went viral in August 2008, as a plethora of remixes and parodies, most notably a Taylor Swift music video mash-up, hit the internet. For our Peruvian Goat movie we see a Sound of Music style opening, with Goat (name to be decided) bleating The Hills Are Alive with glorious orchestral support. Goat decides to try and make it in the big city, which, being set in Peru will be Lima. After a long day of rejections from Lima’s music moguls, Goat heads to a bar where he meets Taylor Swift, drowning her sorrows after her latest breakup from (fill in the blank) pop star. Goat and Taylor collaborate. Goat becomes a megastar, in the realm of fellow internet meme Psy.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Dramatic Chipmunk, or Dramatic Prairie Dog, is a short video clip of a sharp-eyed prairie dog taken from a Japanese TV Show. His dramatic expression spread across the internet in 2007 and attracted a number of spin-offs, re-enactments and remixes. So, we see Dramatic Chipmunk starring in a tense courtroom drama alongside Tom Cruise, Jack Nicolson, and Dustin Hoffman and any other legal heavyweights of the film world. As Cruise and Hoffman battle it out on the courtroom floor, Dramatic Chipmunk will judge proceedings. Actual storyline and dramatic action yet to be decided, but frankly with Dramatic Chipmunk as the lead those minor details will hardly go noticed.

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