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Irn-Bru jumps on personalised can bandwagon, suitable only for people called Fanny

Following on from Coca-Cola’s personalised ‘share a Coke’ campaign, Irn-Bru has taken a leaf out of the soft drink giant’s ad book.However, while several people complained about not being able to find their names in the Coke campaign, there will be even more unhappiness as Irn-Bru only caters for one name: Fanny.Last year, Irn-Bru introduced the world to ‘Fanny’ in a TV ad.When The Drum asked if the cans would be rolling out into shops, a spokesperson said that there was no news at the moment, but said the reaction online had been great.We like Irn-Bru but holding one of those cans you'd feel like a right...

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