The Trade Desk

Everything You Need To Know: About Programmatic

To further establish The Trade Desk as a thought leader in theadvertising industry around programmatic advertising.

We wanted to offer people a way to find out everything they need to know about programmatic in quick succinct format that they could watch on route to their next meeting.We filmed this sevenpart series in the back of a taxi. The end result was a 2-3 minute whistle stop tour of 7 of the key areas in leading the programmatic conversation. A more detailed feature was published in the magazine and online to accompany each episode launch. You can view the full series here.All the news articles and films were hosted on a bespoke hub which was promoted across the Drum ecosystem and benefitted from a vigorous social and email marketing campaign with each new episode release. A final report was created to summarisethe main discussion points of the series. A number of industry experts were also interviewed as part of this final report.We concluded this project by inviting 10 of the influential industry experts who were interviewed throughout the campaign to a roundtable discussion to explore the future of programmatic. The highlights of this discussion were written up andpublished online by the Drum.

Total impressions for Twitter promotion from The Drum main account was over 98,000. There were over 1,700 content shares. The total number of page views across the campaign exceeded 5,500. Over 17,982 peopleviewed the series which equated to over 355 hours watched.