Critical Mass

The Female Perspective: A Vision for Change

Critical Mass wanted to strengthen its exposure at Cannes festival 2015 and reinforce its commitment to diversity, a key company strategic message.

In the month before Cannes 2015, The Drum invited ten industry leaders to a roundtable summit to debate how diversity could be increased within the marketing and digital industry. This inspired the creation of a report, The Female Perspective: A Vision for Change, with the aim of stimulating debate on how to best address this issue.The manifesto was then launched on the second day of the festival to coincide with the inaugural Glass Lion award. Throughout the week, the Manifesto was promoted across The Drum ecosystem by creating stories based on the big news coming out of the festival that related to the conclusions of our Manifesto. Each article linked to the downloadable report hosted on We also had 100 hard copies of the report which were produced for Critical Mass to distribute.

The Female Perspective: A Vision for Change was created in collaboration with Critical Mass, which was clearly labelled across the report itself and all associated content. This gave it a uniquely powerful, credible presence at Cannes and beyond. The campaign saw over 180 downloads of this report with a further 100 hard copies printed for Critical Mass to distribute.

Caroline Barker, Business Development & Marketing Director, Critical Mass
“The Drum’s branded content arm Drum Works really helped us make a splash around Cannes. They put together a strategy that helped us cut through and an integrated campaign that spanned a roundtable summit of senior influencers and a downloadable report, alongside a series of high impact branded content, media and social media activity. The team really understood our business goals, were very proactive and a pleasure to work with."

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