In the latest episode in a series of video interviews entitled Quantcast Sessions, launched by Quantcast in association with The Drum, she discusses some of the hurdles the online ad industry still has to overcome and the lessons it can learn from TV advertising.

While recognising the hugely positive impact the internet has had on TV, especially the improved consumer experience from interactivity enabled by the likes of Twitter, she does believe online advertising needs to change.

“One of the biggest things we’ve learnt in TV is that advertising has to be liked. We’ve always known we’re intruding, so we better be bloody well entertaining when we do it,” she says.

The lack of water cooler online advertising, spots that are as fondly, or infuriatingly, discussed as the TV programmes they appear in, has long been cited as a failing of online advertising.

Ask most people for their favourite online ad and they’ll struggle for an answer. Ask for their favourite TV ad and their face will often light up as they instantly mention their current favourite.

Alps believes that trying to achieve this warmth and likeability is something the current online ad industry is currently failing to do. Instead, the frantic focus on getting people to do – to click – rather than to feel, is leading to the bad habits that can dog online advertising.

“The way people are paid leads to bad practices, a cynical rather than a creative use of the medium,” she says. “We need to increase our measurement of the brand effect of online advertising and then likeability, warmth and emotion will follow.”