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TV’s Everywhere Ecosystem: US consumer perception towards the television networks sector

7 February 2019 16:01pm

Today, 32% of Americans say they watch TV through some combination of live TV and streaming. This suggests that despite the initial disruption brought on by the introduction of online streaming services, viewers continue to watch quality content regardless of delivery method.

While different types of services are now able to coexist in the same space, it is still important for these companies to understand the state of their everchanging industry and the consumer intent that allows them to succeed.

The whitepaper uses YouGov data to:

  • Address the state of television in the US today
  • Identify the top networks among Americans and niche audiences
  • Examine current and emerging trends for TV consumers
  • Provide a case study into Netflix’s success, evaluating how it stacks up against traditional networks and other streaming services

Download the whitepaper now.


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