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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022: How to turn sale-shoppers into loyal customers

September 22, 2022

This year’s peak buying season is bound to look a little different. As brands begin to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), many are also considering how inflation, supply chain woes, and ever-increasing acquisition costs will affect their shoppers’ behavior. BFCM inevitably attracts one-time shoppers incentivized by heavy discounts. But, after the dust settles on this year’s holiday season, more businesses hope to make lifelong brand enthusiasts out of their holiday shoppers.

According to Salesforce, more UK shoppers than ever are prioritizing shopping experiences and added value when shopping during BFCM. Loyalty programs offer customers the value they’re after, like exclusive deals, perks, free gifts, and most importantly, a personalized experience. Based on Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when offered personalized experiences.

Brands can use programs to engage shoppers well after BFCM, preventing customers from buying from a competitor. Loyalty programs can also encourage high-value members to spend more with your brand during the holiday season. According to Yotpo’s State of Brand Loyalty 2022 report, loyalty programs make the majority (60%) of global shoppers more loyal to a brand. Brand loyalty means direct communication with your top customers, increased CLTV, and lower churn rates to competitors.

Here’s how loyalty works to make the most of your BFCM season.

Using loyalty to deal with post-BFCM dips

Post-BFCM can be a particularly stressful time for many brands. Fewer purchases and less overall consumer engagement is one issue. But, time away from your brand also presents customers with time to look into competitors before the next on-season arrives.

Using loyalty, brands can keep shoppers continuously engaged and keep themselves top of mind. By rewarding shoppers for social follows, SMS sign-ups, and email sign-ups, you ensure your brand stays relevant. You can send out timely messages about upcoming promotions prior to BFCM’s official launch. Using data from your program, you can even remind loyalty members of their existing points balance to encourage bigger holiday purchases.

Post-BFCM is also the perfect time to educate consumers on why your brand is better than competitors. Since the pandemic began, more than 65% of consumers are trying different shopping behaviors and intend to incorporate those behaviors going forward, according to McKinsey research. Shoppers are readily switching to new brands, but loyalty programs give them a reason to stick with yours.

Loyalty members get clear value from engaging with a program, and it encourages them to learn more about your competitive edge. Many brands also reward shoppers for engaging with educational content, like blog posts or recipes. This gives your brand the opportunity to get in front of shoppers and explain why your brand trumps competitors — even before the next sale cycle begins.

Using loyalty to maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Loyalty programs also help you make the most of peak season. Loyalty members are brands’ highest-value shoppers. In fact, over 83% of global shoppers say belonging to a loyalty program influences their decision to buy again from a brand. During BFCM, make sure you’re marketing the right way to your best customers.

Before your peak season starts, make sure you’re promoting your loyalty program effectively. On-site banners, social campaigns, emails, and SMS campaigns remind non-loyalty members of all they have waiting in store with your program. To boost BFCM sign-ups even more, consider offering instant points for joining or double points for holiday purchases. Upon entry, new members immediately have a reason to shop with your brand and cash in their points.

Just before holiday shopping officially starts, send VIP members sneak previews of your upcoming BFCM offerings to build excitement. This can include exclusive access to new product drops and sales before they officially launch. VIP members will feel excited about BFCM before it even begins while also showing customers how much you appreciate their loyalty.

You can also offer loyalty member-only seasonal promotional deals to boost early sales and narrow your discount offerings. Rather than offer seasonal discounts to all shoppers, make them exclusive to loyalty members or even specific VIP tiers.

Engage BFCM shoppers year-round

By creating a loyalty program that takes seasonality into account, brands can communicate directly with and increase purchases from their high-value shoppers no matter the time of year. Loyalty is the best way to stand out from the competition and keep shoppers engaged year-round. Ready to talk loyalty? Connect with one of our commerce experts.


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