Yieldmo "Pets and People Together" PSA Campaign Case Study

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The Challenge

The Ad Council, in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund(R), wanted to maximize the performance of their “Pets and People Together” campaign without additional operational or creative effort.

The Solution

Yieldmo ran the Public Service Announcement using Dynamic Format Optimization (DFO), the latest creative technology innovation that represents the last mile of performance gains: post-auction optimization, coupled with Smart Inventory Curation.

DFO works by transforming a brand’s existing creative assets into Yieldmo’s suite of programmatic-friendly creative formats called Frictionless Formats, and uses machine learning and AI to select the most performant creative format in real-time, with no additional lift from the advertiser. The assets remain DSP hosted and there is no additional build-step or custom workflow. Since the optimization happens post-auction, after the impression is won, DFO does not reduce scale or affect spend, it simply performs better.

The Results

Yieldmo ran a series of tests to find the optimal strategy to maximize CTR, in concert with the DSP, and lifted CTR by over 170%!

Yieldmo split the traffic into three main groups:

1. “Untouched” Yieldmo inventory as a control group, for baseline measurement

  • Yieldmo acted purely as an inventory source with no added value
  • The DSP had no KPI goal and was simply optimizing for “reach”

2. Yieldmo driving performance on its own

  • Yieldmo used DFO and inventory curation targeted toward CTR
  • The DSP had no KPI goal and was simply optimizing for “reach”

3. Yieldmo + the DSP working together to drive performance

  • Yieldmo used DFO and inventory curation targeted toward CTR
  • The DSP had a CTR optimization target (on image below), in this case, a ~50% lift over the control

4. A campaign benchmark, provided by the Ad Council, so we can compare results to other impressions delivered on the campaign outside of Yieldmo


While Yieldmo on its own drives significant KPI lift on its own (130% lift over control, >4x benchmark), it works even better when it’s operating in concert with the DSP (171% lift over control, almost 5x benchmark).

Yieldmo’s Smart Curation and Format technology is additive and complementary to DSP optimization.

In a world of SPO, it is more important than ever to work with ad tech vendors that have clear, differentiated value and a reason for being,” said Kathleen H. Kayse, Chief Media Officer at The Ad Council. “We are thrilled with the performance improvement offered by Yieldmo, impressed by how easy-to-activate the tech is, and appreciate their donated media to accelerate our campaign’s delivery.

~Kathleen H. Kayse, Chief Media Officer, The Ad Council