Tone of voice for recruitment advertising

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Vets Now, a chain of UK emergency vets, wanted recruitment branding that would make them stand out from their competitors to attract the best talent

They were keen to use a penguin as their ‘voice’, as penguins are loyal, committed and determined – all qualities they wanted to reflect. And the animal connection makes sense for a vet. Using the right voice (even if that happens to be the voice of a penguin). Okay, I know it sounds odd, but writing from the point of view of a veterinary penguin allowed the use of humour. In turn, this made the advert more relevant to the lives of the readers than the traditional ‘you will have X years’ experience, you will report to…’ recruitment style. After the new style of advertising, Vets Now has seen a significant increase in the number of skilled, enthusiastic applicants for their jobs. That's the difference a more effective tone of voice can make. More about my approach to brand language > Images by 999 Design.