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How New Balance delivers an omnichannel customer experience with DAM

May 18, 2021

We’re at a new crossroads in the digital landscape of commerce and behavior. E-commerce is growing faster than ever. Much of the world has reached peak screen time, customers are avoiding marketing, and trust is on the decline. Getting the customer experience right is more important and more complicated to design than ever before. Many companies are asking themselves the same question: where do we take our digital strategy from here?

Successful brands are finding a way forward by delivering an omnichannel customer experience that’s consistent, positive, and personalised. New Balance is a prime example of how to use a digital asset management (DAM) solution to deliver the omnichannel customer experience.

What does omnichannel mean today?

Omnichannel is a popular word to throw around, but what exactly does it mean today? In short, you want to be at your customers’ fingertips anytime, anywhere, on any device, and at exactly the right time.

“Customers believe they are engaging with one unified brand or organization, regardless of the device or touchpoints that they use.”

- How Retail Omnichannel Commerce Stands In 2020, Forrester

To create this kind of connected experience you have to present your brand consistently and personalise content at every moment of interaction — which is no small task. But with the right technology stack, it’s possible to reach this ideal. New Balance uses a DAM platform to help them achieve their content goals.

Use DAM technology to build consistent brand experiences

New Balance uses their DAM system to manage over 470k assets (13 TB data) for thousands of products. They’ve got 2,900 users across 80 roles and 7,000 retailers in 120 countries. In order to create an optimised experience for each customer, they have to organise all of these digital assets in a central source of truth so they can be distributed effectively and accurately to specific channels.

One of the most powerful tools that New Balance utilises to organise their content is a feature in their DAM software called Portals. Portals allows them to share curated sets of assets for specific product launches, campaigns, channels, brands, departments, and retailers.

Now when they launch a new pair of shoes or a global sale, they can create a portal and give everyone access to the same brand assets and product content to build a consistent omnichannel customer experience across all stores and regions.

Here are some of the other functional ways they support their omnichannel digital strategy with DAM tools:

- Kick off creative work requests or creative briefs for new content

- Route new creative assets for review and approval workflows

- Release final assets for on-demand access from a central library

- Streamline workflows by giving global teams self-serve access to the content they need

Learn more about how New Balance uses a DAM solution to optimise this brand experience

New Balance uses the Widen Collective® as their DAM platform to create the cohesive brand experience they’re known for around the globe. You can watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about exactly how they master the omnichannel customer experience using DAM.

If you want to build a seamless, personalised shopping experience across any device, app, or location, you’re going to need the right technology, too. At Widen, we help hundreds of influential brands like New Balance, Hootsuite, and the Houston Texans with the software that they use to build their customer experiences. Get in touch to talk with an expert and learn more about how DAM software can support your omnichannel digital strategy.


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