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Bacardi & White Bear are spilling challenger brand secrets at an open access event

by Audrey Madden

January 7, 2021

Marketing innovation quite often comes from the small brands fighting hardest for their piece of market share. Is a collaboration between established brands who want to stay fresh and forward-focused, and challenger brands who want to scale up possible? Is it truly a win-win situation?

As an established company, staying agile is a huge undertaking and one that is more easily tackled by small, growth-stage brands. Startups on the other hand need a brand legacy and infrastructure to lean on if they want more reliable growth.

As brands and consumers reflect on the hyperspeed change we saw in 2020, this year will be best spent on focused innovation and brave creativity. As you plan out your diary, we’d suggest checking out White Bear’s latest event with Bacardi, 'The Age of the Incubator Brand'.

This event is for established food and drinks brands who are keen to stay ahead of the trends and refresh their companies with challenger thinking, as well as challenger brands who are curious about what success can come from collaboration. Over 100 brands are currently attending and only a limited number of free tickets are still available.

Learn things like:

- What Incubation means at Bacardi and why they chose to incubate in the first place

- How they think and go to market differently

- The journey incubation brands go on at Bacardi

- How your brand can use brave creative to disrupt your market

Hear from:

Ryan Bedford, Global Marketing Manager at Bacardi

Andrew Tindall, Activation Manager at Bacardi

Kelly Mackenzie, Creative Director at White Bear Studio

In addition to hearing from a wealth of experts on disruptive creativity and how established brands can collaborate with challenger brands for mutual success, attendees will be entered to win Bacardi tipples and a White Bear Strategy Workshop for their brand.

Join us on February 4th @ 5:30pm

Limited free tickets still available here.


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