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Caboodle Branding

by Audrey Madden


Caboodle achieved £10m investment. Investors attributed this to Caboodle not only having a great idea but a trustworthy and credible brand that brought their vision to life partnered with a killer proposition. Their customers now agree, giving them 5 stars on Trustpilot alongside glowing reviews. They have since been featured in Good Housekeeping, Real Homes, and Express and are currently launching an ad campaign with Sky as a part of their SME100 scheme.


Caboodle's main competition was Lovespace, a startup focused on decluttering, as well as established brands like Big Yellow. The bigger storage centres are outdated and easy to stand out against but Lovespace was the newer, more attractive opposition. But every brand we created landed their investment goals and Caboodle wasn’t going to be the exception. Our expertise in startup thinking and our passion for creating future unicorns, inspired us to make Caboodle the brand that minds your belongings, not the brand that declutters your throw away things.

Seismic Venture Partners (Caboodle) have worked with White Bear Studio on the pre-funding work on two business concepts where WBS have provided invaluable input into the initial branding and proposition development. SVP has gone on to raise over £9.95m into these businesses who continue to retain the services of WBS for the continuing development of the businesses.

~Tristan Lloyd-Baker CEO, Caboodle


Caboodle is a storage company committed to providing a safe, convenient place for special belongings. They’re there for big life moments like when you move into your first flat, or downsize once the kids have fled the nest; when you’re packing away baby clothes and getting them back out again, or when you need to hide the hideous gift from Aunt Marge you can’t bear parting with. How do you create a standout brand that will resonate with such a multigenerational audience?


The branding needed to be contemporary and reflective of the great relationships and trustworthy service Caboodle stands for. We accomplished this by working with them right from initial pitch decks, to end product. The new name ‘Caboodle’ embodies the service, and sets the tone for a playful brand voice.

The bespoke typeface feels friendly and accessible to their audience, no matter their stage in life. Branded icons mirror the versatile offering and keep things accessible, so less tech-savvy users aren’t scared off. The website is simple, convenient, and boasts a user journey that looks after customers every step of the way.


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