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New Twitter Insights On Rising Conversation Trends

by Benediktas Kazlauskas

July 19, 2021

Twitter is rolling out various updates for marketers and creators. Recently, a social media giant shared insights about what topics are the most popular right now. What emotions are most Twitter users driven by and other valuable data for marketers?

In the press release, Twitter outlined, “People on Twitter are expressing excitement about summer 2021 with positivity to spare. And unlike many of us last year, people are making plans again”.

Positivity is back in fashion

After the lockdowns have been lifted in many countries, people are shifting towards positive emotions on Twitter. Compared to last summer, there has been a significant 40% drop in emotions like angriness, sadness, negativity. And feelings like joy are rocketing up by 17%.

People are also trying out more different activities than last year and sharing their thoughts about them on Twitter. The most popular subtopics on summer conversations are movies, which increased by an impressive 243%. There were 7 000 tweets about TV or movies every minute in 2020, which increased to over 11 000 tweets in 2021. Sports were also the popular subtopic, which grew by 79%.

Twitter users gave the most popular emoji throne back to crying-laughing face emoji, leaving crying face in the second place, which was the most used emoji on Twitter last year.

People expectations of brands

With the growing hope that we will come back to pre-pandemic life soon, users hope that brands think the same. According to the same survey, 70% of people believe that brands should be positive. In addition to positivity, 65% of users also want to be informed and supported.

The how-to beauty videos rocketed in Twitter by 373% compared to last year’s summer. Traveling tips & tricks are up by 133%. Implementing video campaigns to your brand’s Twitter account might be the trend to look for if you are not doing it yet.

Bottom line

Undoubtedly, better days will come. Trends show that people are slowly coming back to their everyday routines. Being the brand’s ambassador in social media, marketers have to carry the positivity flag to success and adapt to ever-changing people’s needs as fast as possible.

While following the new Twitter conversations trends, it is essential not to forget to analyze your marketing efforts. The social media giant gathers over 353 million active users and it’s a powerful advertising tool. By collecting and visually reviewing the data, marketers will understand what engages with the brand’s audience the most.


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