Whatagraph is a social media reporting and marketing analytics platform that helps digital marketing agencies, businesses and influencers save time, create aesthetically pleasing and easier-to-digest reports. This software is one of the best ones because it allows the users to monitor and track data, which is especially needed when you need to see an overview of how your business is performing.

Benefits of using Whatagraph:

- Saves time.

Actually, we did the math... we can save you around 8h of manual labor with our automation feature. - No more manually collecting numbers. We will do it for you.

- Happier clients that actually want to look at your data and reports.

- Reduced frustration, no dry eyes, and back pain to deal with.

You won't need to spend any more time looking at the screen and tiny numbers. Whatagraph will extract those for you.

- Customization.

You can even add your brand's logos and colors. Let your inner muse out and play with these creative features. It's amazing what one tool can do.

Set your company up for success with our help!

Sign up now and get a personal demo tour and a 7-day free trial! We won't even ask for CC details :)
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