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Tourism Tasmania Drives 16% Lift in Destination Travel with DOOH Campaign

by Marissa Bernstein

During the month of December 2020, Tourism Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government’s tourism marketing agency, was looking to increase awareness, consideration and tourism traffic — specifically across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

With the flexibility and robust targeting available via programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH), Tourism Tasmania sought out programmatic DOOH leader, Vistar Media, to activate a powerful initiative depicting the depth and breadth that Tasmania has to offer.


Leveraging Vistar's data-driven targeting capabilities, Tourism Tasmania was able to effectively activate audiences at a micro level, defining two specific target audiences: “Raw Urbanites” and “Erudites.” Vistar Media’s proprietary technology was then able to analyse these audiences’ movement patterns, and identify the proper high-impact DOOH screens for the campaign creative to run across.

The campaign ran on multiple venue types, including digital billboards, bus shelters, urban panels and sports entertainment screens via media owners JCDeceaux, QMS Media, BIG Outdoor, Civic Outdoor and Motio. In addition to running across Vistar’s transparent open exchange, Tourism Tasmania also activated private marketplace deals with JCDecaux and QMS.

With the agility and flexibility offered through Vistar Media’s programmatic OOH solutions, Tourism Tasmania adjusted the creative and targeting tactics throughout the campaign, as pandemic conditions and government restrictions changed. These adaptations were done seamlessly a handful of times during the course of the campaign — allowing for live updates to be made within the same day, every time.


“Not only was [DOOH] a key lever for other media channels for us but in its own right, it delivered a 10% increase in intent for people wanting to travel to Tasmania from those exposed to the programmatic OOH media – which is a fantastic result.”

~Emma Terry, CMO, Tourism Tasmania

To measure the lift in awareness, consideration and tourism traffic, Vistar conducted a brand study through its partner, Dynata, to compare results across a control and test group.

As a result of the DOOH campaign, Tourism Tasmania achieved a 30% lift in awareness for Tasmania as a tourist destination and a 32% increase in consideration, with one in four consumers exposed to the advertisement saying they would consider Tasmania in the future. In addition, they brand saw a 17% increase in consumers being more likely to recommend Tasmania to a friend or family as well as a 10% lift in visit intent.

The brand study identified that Tasmania saw the strongest increase in awareness across any competitive state or territory, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Additionally, the 18-24-year-old age demographic had the highest awareness results, but those 35-44 indicated most likely to visit. Further data showed that males were far more aware of, likely to consider, and to visit Tasmania compared to females.

Additionally, Vistar helped Tourism Tasmania conduct a footfall analysis to evaluate the impact of the campaign on consumer visitation over a 3-month look back window. The study revealed an impressive 16.2% lift in travel to the destination.

Overall, the campaign drove strong awareness, consideration, intent, and actual visitation to Tasmania as a tourist destination — showcasing the impact of the programmatic DOOH initiative through Vistar Media across the entire marketing funnel.


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Tourism Tasmania