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Camelot and Virtue digitally showcase the breadth of places and spaces funded by The National Lottery

The new campaign portrays how The National Lottery creates spaces for great things to happen and encourages 18-45s to get involved

Virtue and Camelot, operator of The National Lottery, launched a campaign that aims to show that Good Cause beneficiaries supported by National Lottery players have something for everyone. This is to encourage new audiences to get involved and help support these spaces by digitally showcasing places that are relevant and meaningful to them.

The way that we value and view our spaces is changing: Covid-19 and a looming recession have given us a deep sense of ownership of our public spaces. The National Lottery raises over £30 million a week across the UK for parks, women’s shelters, food banks and many more public spaces that have transformative effects on people’s lives, but that also rely on the funding from The National Lottery.

To demonstrate that The National Lottery funds something for everyone, this campaign aims to give people a virtual glimpse of these experiences, so that everyone can participate and enjoy the work that The National Lottery and its beneficiaries carry out, that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

Based on the kind of content that 18-45s are seeking out in the UK, and spanning across the cultural spheres that The National Lottery’s Good Cause beneficiaries operate in, Virtue and Camelot collaborated to create five ‘how-to’ videos on topics that matter to this target audience. By using spaces that are funded by The National Lottery as a backdrop for these videos, Camelot and and Virtue - working in partnership with the National Lottery distributors - showcased spaces like the British Film Institute (BFI) and the Kielder Observatory to all, inviting people to explore them whilst showing them that The National Lottery funds something for everybody.

How to find the North Star was shot at the Kielder Observatory and teaches people how to find and navigate using the North Star.

How to combat nerves contains tips to control your nerves in any situation and was shot with The Comedy School.

How to build strength was shot with circus performance group, Extraordinary Bodies, and is about the mental as well as physical strength required for aerial performance.

How to put your wellbeing first was shot in collaboration with The Martin Gallier Project, a charity dedicated to wellbeing and suicide prevention.

How to direct real people shows how to direct a film or documentary using real people and features the BFI and award-winning Director Sarah Gavron.

Arabella Gilchrist, Head of TNL Content Marketing at Camelot, says: “We are always looking for different ways to bring to life the £30 million that is raised by National Lottery players every week. WIth this campaign, we hope to do this in a way that is relevant and engaging for new audiences and cohorts of people.”

Kris Jalowiecki, Strategist at Virtue, says: “The National Lottery is a force for good in this country. In the spirit of generosity, we want everyone to feel like they have access to the things that The National Lottery funds. By inviting audiences to take part, and by making these digital experiences welcoming and entertaining to all, it makes the act of buying a ticket feel like you’re making an implicit investment in the great causes that The National Lottery and their beneficiaries support.”


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