News UK and Times Radio breaking news stories with programmatic DOOH

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To increase visibility of Times Radio being at the forefront of breaking news, and to get in front of audiences as soon as news hit the airwaves.

News UK used programmatic digital out-of-home to create an attention grabbing campaign that capitalised on the Times Radio 'on-air' and 'live' nature by using dynamic creative on DOOH to react to real-world events.

The campaign centred around the smart use of audience data and programmatic technology in DOOH to activate at the right time, in the right place, to the most relevant audience.

Breaking news was able to be displayed within 8 hours (and more usually, within 1-2 hours), marking a huge advancement from classic OOH lead times.

Using Kinetic's Journeys platform, the campaign targeted ABC1 adults aged 45+ with an interest in news and current affairs. The campaign was only activated against locations in key cities that indexed highly against the target audience group.

The campaign drove a 33% uplift audience penetration and was reported on widely in the press.