Brewdog & Asda: An animation to launch a new IPA beer range

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The Challenge:

The Challenge:

On a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are, Venn were commissioned by Brewdog to showcase Asda’s new IPA range of craft ale.

Brewdog wanted to celebrate all that is great about the versatile, palette teasing, thirst quencher.

Touted as the King of Craft Brews, Venn’s brief was to raise awareness that IPA is not normal. IPA is not industrially brewed or stuffy. IPA is made in small batches with tender love and care. IPA is exciting and can taste so different with many added twists.

The Solution:

We took all 5 craft ales in Asda’s range and dissected their key ingredients and flavour differentiators. From Brewdog’s PUNK IPA with it’s tropical twist and sharp finish, to Goose IPA’s highly hopped beer and fruity aroma. Bad Co’s ‘Wild Gravity’ with it’s malty base and Stone IPA’s intense, refreshing and extra hoppy brew.

"Beer drinkers are not pre-wired to like IPAs, you learn to like them, so ordering one is like a craft beer badge of honor."


The Results:

The animation was launched on Asda's own social channels and so we unfortunately don't have the statistics to highlight reach, however the video was very well received by our client, Brewdog. See for yourself here