Bahco: Modernising a global brand

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The Challenge:

The Challenge:

Bahco needed a new website to bring all of their regional operations together under one global brand. However, unity had to go hand in hand with flexibility so each regional manager still had the power to run region-specific promotions, such as product launches and local events. The combined scale of their international presence and extensive product database made this a particularly difficult task.

Alongside their internal requirements, Bahco also wanted a site that did more for their end-users and distributors. This meant we were also tasked with considering customer journeys, user experience and the relaunch of Bahco World, their content hub which until now had primarily featured press releases and product information.

The Solution:

To deliver a website that performed internally and externally, we needed a clean, responsive design based on more than gut instinct and a new country folder structure. This was made possible by our designers and developers who worked with our in-house CMS to create a large, attractive site built from the ground up using informed UX decisions. Then it was over to our SEO team, who ensured the site’s proper indexing and ranking on an international level with correct Hreflang attributes, creative solutions for optimised Google page speed and a lot of redirects.

In terms of marketing, we diversified the content shared on Bahco World, including the stories behind tools, tips from global experts and content from Bahco-sponsored events and teams, such as Sweden Rock and the Signatech Alpine Le Mans team. On top of this, we created tailored pages and exciting competitions for each of their product launches and key events, to create a buzz and encourage their customers to get involved with Bahco.

The Results:

As of March 2017, 12 months after launch, we have seen:

All traffic increase by 43%

Blog traffic increase by 120%

Traffic from social increase by 500%

A 3x increase in average pages per session

A 2x increase in average time on site

The new country folders give each of Bahco’s regional managers their own version of the site, in their own language and with their own modifiable content. From launch, the new website was available in 14 different languages. That’s since expanded to 18, including Russian and Japanese, across 25 country folders. This has not only been welcomed internally, but seen search visibility and audiences grow too.

Launch Website

Venn delivered a truly integrated, multi-territory site that anchors our parent company but also gives each country the freedom to take care of their own marketing activity. We’re thrilled with the end result.

~Mónica Ortiz de Zárate, Marketing Director at Bahco