Live Panel Debate: Transforming FS Services for a Radical New Customer Era

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UNRVLD/Sitecore FS live panel debate

UNRVLD/Sitecore FS live panel debate

One Moorgate Place, London EC1, 8.30-11am, 26 October.

Join UNRVLD and Sitecore with an independent panel of enterprise, fintech and bigtech experts, as we grapple with the key challenges and future opportunities afforded by the latest disruptive tech.

The digital-first mindset is now the standard practice of financial services, both for providers and their customers. But customer behaviour is always changing. New generations use banking as a service and the old models that rely on the 'one-bank-for-life’ mentality are losing their relevance.

How are you reshaping the way you deliver your financial services for this new customer era?

To be successful, firms of the future will need to embrace emerging technology, remain agile to adopt evolving business models and put customer expectations at the centre of every strategy.

At this lively debate, our expert industry panel will tackle the key challenges facing the industry; from the perspective of both established financial firms and fintech disruptors.

From engineering operational transformation to delivering cloud-based services, our panellists will explore the disruption that’s led to huge innovation. They will also debate the current and future opportunities new technologies will provide for the financial institutions of today to ensure they stay relevant for the customer of tomorrow.

Key topics for debate will include

Squaring the circle with the Fintechs: competing head on, white labelling off the shelf solutions or partnering outside in – which way should FS firms go?

Taking on the Tech Giants: adopting AI, automation, improved data and targeting to retain customer loyalty

Achieving a Single Customer View: overcoming legacy issues to modernise technology platforms and data storage challenges to enable AI and achieve a single customer view

Changing Culture and Operations: decentralising development, designing low code ‘fusion teams’ and adopting composable solutions to leverage cloud-based innovation

Using data and AI to Personalise the Customer Experience: consolidating platforms to provide customer-first personalised experiences across internet, mobile and physical locations

Enabling Commerce in the Cloud: creating bespoke e-commerce solutions using api-first, headless cloud platforms

Visioneering the future of Financial Services: assessing the radical future, including the potential for transactions in the Metaverse.

Our three panellists:

1: Thomas O'Brien, Permanent TSB - a digital user experience and digital conversion optimisation expert, Tom will share his knowledge on customer behaviour on and toward digital banking channels.

2: Daniel Cowen; Amazon Web Services, brings expertise in CX transformation for financial services, modern data platforms, cloud transformation, IOT, business intelligence and analytics.

3: MP John Glen, former Economic Secretary to the Treasury champions “this country to be leading from the front… seeking out the greatest economic opportunities,” in fintech, blockchain and crypto currencies.

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This event is designed for digital leaders in the financial services sector. Suppliers and students need not apply.