A multi-channel campaign centered around a cinematic short film for Maximuscle

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The Brief

The Brief

Re-establish Maximuscle as a premium brand within the protein market, utilising a key brand ambassador to feature in the multi-channel campaign centered around an atmospheric short film.

The Response

An F-16 fighter-jet roll is equivalent to 9 G’s of force. NASA pilots pass out at 10 G if they’re not wearing modified G-force suits. However, this all pales in comparison to professional rugby players and what they put their bodies through on a weekly basis. A study carried out by the NY Times saw the average player clock up over 20G’s with some collisions going as high as 40G’s. Only a select few have the strength and courage to endure such forces – and keep coming back for more. In unearthing this key insight into the sacrifices made by rugby players to prepare their bodies for impact incurred from their sport, we developed ‘Dedication Deserves Results’.

The Outcome

The cinematic short film, featuring British & Irish Lion, England Rugby player and brand ambassador Anthony Watson, saw the hero content featured on screens across 52 selected gyms in the UK. Each with a sampling initiative that coincided with the timings of the Lions Tour. The film was also shown on VOD platforms before key games of the 2017 B&I Lions tour of New Zealand, as well as bespoke edits for social media.