Willis Towers Watson gains over 1,200 signups and unprecedented sales opportunities with Turtl

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For 18 years, Willis Towers Watson circulated their industry outlook reports in PDF and print format

It was time to evolve.

They realised they needed more granular content performance data to help them understand how prospects and clients engage with their content so they could optimise ongoing marketing efforts.

By using Turtl's platform, Willis Towers Watson were able to:

  • Understand exactly how their reports were being read
  • Generate signups through a form placed within the body of the report
  • Know specifically which readers were most engaged with the reports
  • Produce record level sales opportunities
  • Identify promising sales opportunities within niche areas of interest
  • Prioritise topics for further content based on audience interest

"We produced a record level of sales opportunities whilst also learning that we have incredibly engaged prospects in geographical regions we have yet to even focus on. Information like this is invaluable across our sales function."

~Michael Buckle, Managing DIrector, Natural Resources

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