Merlin Entertainments, 30 Venues, 15 Languages, 5 Brands

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Tug worked with The Dungeons web agency to launch fully optimised websites across all European venues

Targeted keywords were expanded beyond brand to include broad terms such as 'London Attractions', as well as historical keywords such as 'Jack the Ripper'. Extensive PPC keyword mining increased The Dungeons keyword list from 500 to 45,000 keywords. These targeted users at all stages of the purchase cycle, from the research stage (e.g. "fun London days out") to the buying stage (e.g. "buy London Dungeons tickets").

SEO link building included traditional directories, article submissions and blog activity. In addition, banned videos were distributed as well as images of celebrities at the venue, competitions for free tickets organised with bloggers and press releases optimised and released through paid and non-paid channels.

To ensure Integrated Search Marketing, messaging across PPC & SEO was compared and tested regularly, using PPC to be more promotion focused and SEO to emphasize historical, educational and emotive messages. Regular traffic analysis from both channels allowed budgets to be amended to meet demand, seasonality and support visibility for critical terms.

65% increase in international footfall

120% ticket sales increase for Merlin brands

New venue launch campaigns exceeded target by 320%

LAUNCHED MERLIN Centre of excellence, SHARING global best practise