TRO created a monster of an experience to promote Ardbeg’s ‘Wee Beastie’ whisky

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The challenge:

The challenge:

To design and produce a multi-sensory experience at Homeboy Bar in Battersea, to introduce Ardbeg’s Wee Beastie whisky to new consumers.

The solution:

Guests were invited to literally step through the silver-screen and into the world of 1950s Hollywood cinema.

We used creative production skills to completely transform the space into a retro film set complete with classic cinema style signage, film posters, props, lighting and even a vintage popcorn machine with a skeletal twist.

With a carton of popcorn in hand, guests were greeted by the mad scientist and other themed actors at each touchpoint, and were lead through the smoky peat bogs of Islay, the ‘Wee Lab’ and the ‘Boggy Forest’ before being invited to sample the smoky flavours of Wee Beastie.