30 min Webinar: How Your Brand Can Use Technology To Be More Human

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Brands invest in loads of marketing technology to help them manage databases, crunch data, facilitate sales, plan media strategies and spread their messages. But there’s often a gap, a leap of faith, hoping that consumers will pick up the brand message and continue to spread it, as the brand would like, offline in the real world. The human story-telling connection is missing.

This 30 min webinar will cover how to bridge the gap with technology that allows brands to scale 1-2-1 conversations, participation, involvement and collaboration with their consumers, creating the essential human connection.

  • Using technology to ensure the oldest form of marketing – peer to peer – is not forgotten in the midst of all shiny new tech.
  • Rather than just getting excited about the tech, we’ll get you excited by what it enables us as humans to do.
  • Three case studies of brands who’ve used technology to collaborate with their consumers to build their brand and boost sales.

Speakers:Paul Mitchell & Rebekah Mackay Miller, co-MDs of trnd - The Collaborative Marketing Company

A recording of the webinar will be available afterwards.

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