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Generating Demand With Direct Mailers

by Rachel Bykowski

The Need

Zekelman Industries is the largest independent steel manufacturer in North America. The company prides itself on being a family of companies, comprised of 100% domestic manufacturers. Wheatland Tube, a division of Zekelman Industries, was re-entering the mechanical tube market. The company needed to reintroduce their products to the industry in a way that would get the attention of busy general managers and purchasing directors.

The Solution

The Mx Group developed an impactful demand generation campaign that placed Wheatland Tube's brand and product in the hands of high-profile decision makers...literally. We created a dimensional direct mail piece that took industrial product samples to the next level. The “talking pipes” mailer contained samples of Wheatland’s mechanical tubing with personalized speech bubbles telling the recipient, “We want to work for you,” and opened the door for a follow-up call. To make sure the messages resonated, we:

  • Targeted a specific group of manufacturers across North America.
  • Immediately followed up with phone calls to set up appointments for the Wheatland sales team.
  • Made personalized service the center of the story.

The Results

By humanizing the pipes, Wheatland tube reported that appointments were set with 39% of the recipients. Most importantly, 62% of all appointments resulted in a sale and the start of a new business relationship.


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Zekelman Industries