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Cross-Country Experiential Campaign Builds Brand Trust

by Rachel Bykowski


Manheim is the world’s largest wholesale automotive marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of used cars. Manheim Express is the company's convenient digital solution that enables dealers to buy and sell used cars anywhere, with confidence.


The pandemic disrupted in-person car auctions. Dealers searched for a more streamlined digital method to buy and sell used cars. Manheim’s solution was the creation of Manheim Express Concierge Service. This service provides a team that comes to support dealers' needs at their lots. The team inspects and lists off site inventory into a digital marketplace accessed by buyers across the nation. Through this digital channel, dealers can buy and sell inventory with peace of mind.

Dealers need a trusted brand with the tools to help them locally source inventory without the hassle or fear of missing out on their prime inventory choices and losing sales on their lot.


The Mx Group collaborated with Manheim Express to devise an experiential strategy. The strategy would gather and share dealer testimonials on Manheim Express products and services. We used a custom wrapped Dodge Viper that was sure to catch the public’s eye.

The Viper was the centerpiece of the awareness campaign. We designed a roadshow that visited dealer locations across the United States and collected the testimonials of the loyal adopters of Manheim Express.


The Viper's Voyage started with eight stops in California. The California roadshow was so successful, Manhiem Express asked The Mx Group to expand the voyage to four more geographic areas — Texas, Florida, the Midwest and the Northeast for 27 locations across the United States. Dealer testimonials confirmed that Manheim Express is the go-to solution for buying and selling cars remotely.

The social engagement metrics were incredibly successful. Out of the three social-focused channel campaigns, the Viper Voyage had the highest impressions and likes. The industry standard for social engagement is 2% and both platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook) performed above that, with Facebook engagement at almost 5%. Based on campaign comparisons, we met the goal of increased awareness with more than 8,000 total video views and 42,534 impressions.

By the end of the voyage, we had 43 testimonials and a final auction of the Viper, with full proceeds going to charity. The Viper auction strategy included an activation and vision campaign. The Mx Group and Manheim Express partnership created pre-sale excitement with emails, social and a telemarketing campaign. The day-of-show promotion encouraged dealers to visit the digital sale site for the Viper. The voyage culminated all the goodness of this campaign into one final video. Manheim Express shared the video in a press release and sponsored it on its social channels. Last but not least, the voyage generated over $115,000 for the three partnering charities.

To learn more about this award-winning campaign, get in touch with The Mx Group to learn how we can help your business drive brand trust.


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