Digitizing Well Drilling: Seamless Operations in Cloud-Based App

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The Need

The Need

As the largest pump manufacturer in the world, Grundfos has a long legacy dedicated to global water technology. The company manufacturers high-quality submersible pumps that are designed, operated and installed by a vast network of well drillers and pump installers. As technology advanced, Grundfos realized the imperative to embrace the digital transformation of its operations. They searched for a solution that would allow it to digitize well contractor operations and create a centralized, online platform that would bring their day-to-day processes online and optimize workflows.

The Solution

The Mx Group developed a cloud-based, intuitive application for Grundfos that allows companies to manage their well projects in one place, with permissions that share data across multiple team members. Our process involved:

  • Interviewing Grundfos stakeholders and targeted water well contractor companies.
  • Continuously testing prototypes.
  • Enabling the digitization of legacy history with comprehensive data sets.
  • Assisting in the adoption of the platform by allowing users to upload permits and site photos, log geophysical and structural information and track pump and installation details.

The Results

Dynamic visualizations and reports allow manufactures and operators to convert the data into insights for clients and state compliance. In the three months since its launch, over 250 water well contracting companies have signed up for the WellConnect app.