Empowering Customers with Free Financial Education

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Capital One believe that financial empowerment happens best through real, in person conversations

They wanted to provide physical spaces where staff and customers can come together to talk, learn and share. The School of Life acted as their education partner, developing innovative ways for customers to learn about the emotional and psychological aspects of our relationship to money.

We developed a broad curriculum of accessible classes, workshops, coaching tools and talks to be held in Capital One's branded café spaces across America. The curriculum examined various aspects of financial education including how to make better financial decisions, how to create habits that last, how to talk with your loved ones about money, how to set goals based on your values and how to set healthy boundaries in your personal relationships.

The events have now been run in café spaces in three locations across the US and will be rolled out nationwide during 2016-2017 and beyond.

Customer Testimonials

"Capital One is trying to relate to the real world and be more than some stodgy financial institution; trying to relate money to real life and real people. I like that. Capital One is more than a giant bank on the corner".

"Being able to connect my personal values with the way I manage my finances was incredibly helpful. I walked away with a completely new understanding of my relationship with money".

"We were clearing the emotional fog of money. I learned that until you address your emotions, you can't responsibly handle your money".