The School of Life is a unique team of world leading psychologists, philosophers, artists, designers, poets, sociologists and anthropologists. We are a global organisation with a mission to help people lead more fulfilled lives.

We consult and partner with businesses, applying the best ideas from philosophy, psychology and culture.We are as comfortable discussing Socrates and Plato, as talking about Strategy and PR. Free of the jargon and prejudices of typical mba’s, we bring a highly distinctive perspective on the problems of business.

No other agency offers the breadth and depth of thinking you will find here.

We work in three main ways:

Insight & Analysis 

We analyse how your business performs in relation to the deepest aspirations and unmet needs of your customers.

Customer Experience Innovation

We develop ideas for new products, interventions & services to transform the way customers experience your offer.

External & Internal Communications

We create thought provoking content, beautiful objects and unique experiences that blur the line between art and advertising.






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