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Refinitiv Rebrand: Keep the High Calibre Consumers Coming


Thomson Reuters – Financial & Risk division was to be rebranded to a new company – Refinitiv. This took place on the 17th of November.

• The extremely large project included URL trafficking, new branded ad creation and keyword expansion as some of the necessities. We however went the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition from one brand to another.

• Main focuses included ad copy improvements, quality score monitoring and maximum utilisation of the new brand keywords.

• We believe that our structured approach and innovative thinking allowed us to complete the project as planned and prosper under the new brand.

Main report

Although rebrands do not happen frequently for B2B companies and can be a clean slate or a positive move in the long run, a rebrand is never going to be a positive for search campaigns in the short run. We however bucked the trends in more ways than one to allow Refinitiv to bloom as a new sub company of Thomson Reuters.

TMI have been working with Thomson Reuters since June 2018. Within the dynamic client-agency working relationship, we manage the generation of high-quality leads through search for the Financial and Risk divisions. Our flagship and highest lead driving products include eikon financial analysis solution, world-check risk intelligence and datastream - the macroeconomic analysis tools. A few months into our working relationship and we were given the news that the Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk division was to be rebranded to a new company – Refinitiv. This was set to take place on Saturday the 17th November. This set the course for a huge project, and whilst still hitting MoM Leads and CPL targets, we were to plan and execute a full multiple account switch around from Thomson Reuters to Refinitiv.

Our main focus throughout H2 had been the Amers regions (USA and Canada), with a $1M budget. We however also run Financial and Risk accounts in 30 other Geos.

The main tasks carried out for this project were the following:

• Keyword analysis across all Geos to assign appropriate new landing pages to each one.

• Ad copy analysis and creation for all ad groups.

• Relevant ad extension updates.

• Keyword expansions (specifically around Refinitiv brand terms).

• All applicable tracking changes.

Some of which are slightly laborious but getting each was as important as the last to ensure the smooth rebrand.

With not much say with regards to the landing pages, our focus was to optimise ads in order to drive the same quality and volume of traffic to the new site. As well as this we looked to effectively manage the inevitable drop in Quality Score and inflation in CPC.

As we only run activity for the Financial and Risk department of Thomson Reuters, we have only ever been able to bid on longer tail branded + generic keywords. With the rebrand of our section of the company to Refinitiv, it opened up the exciting opportunity of adding no-restriction Brand terms to the account.


• Smooth Transition from Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk to Refinitiv.

• Improvement of ads and CTR to balance out suspected increases in bounce rate. Making sure we got a similar number of users engaging with the new site.

• Management of predicted CPC inflation.

• Successful launch of full brand account.


With the look of the landing pages and the user journeys out of our domain, our main focuses were around the keywords, bids, and most importantly, new ads.

With the new site and new brand name, we had to ensure customers looking for our products continued to associate us with the big brand name of ‘Thomson Reuters’, whilst warming them to the new ‘Refinitiv’.

With not much say with regards to the landing pages, our goal was to optimise ads in order to drive the same quality and volume of traffic to the new site. Our strategy for this was as follows:

• Adoption of larger ad formats (having previously had only two headlines and one description) in the form of both standard text ads and new responsive search ads.

• Mentions of the rebrand e.g. ‘Refinitiv, Formerly Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk’ in Headline 3 and Description 2.

• Personalised headline 1s and paths for each ad group.

• Other sections of the new ads were informed by previous ad copy testing that we had carried out in the form of a matrix test. For this test, we kept all aspects of the copy the same other than 3 different headline 1s. The winning headline is then used as we test 3 different headline 2s and so on until we have crafted the ‘ultimate ad’ with the winning variations. Multiple iterations of this were carried out across a range of our top products.

• An ads dashboard was created on Google Data studio, pulling data (updated daily) from a feed. This allowed us to monitor performance of ads as a whole and each individual section of the ads so that changes could be made to any underperformers.

We applied scripts to allow us daily rolling Quality Score updates in order to monitor the stabilisation and to allow us to be reactive in making changes to boost quality score as much as possible. This informed ad copy tweaks and changes to final URLs on generic terms allowing us to reign in quality score and limit inflation of our CPC.

A new account was created for our keyword expansion into branded territory. This allowed us to both go global and easily manage brand all in one place. Exact, Phrase and BMM were all utilised with us running on a positional bidding strategy to allow us maximum reach and impression share. Finally, being able to run on brand allowed us to cover a top spot in both paid and organic search (something that we were unable to do previously with Thomson Reuters).

Everything was built out in the week prior in preparation for the switch. URLs were trafficked with new internal tracking parameters, new ad groups created across accounts (leaving existing campaigns running for past performance data) so that we did not run into destination mismatches due to URL domain changes. New branded ads and extensions were launched across all activity, conversion tags were applied to the new site and new campaigns and accounts were created. In doing this we allowed ourselves a stress-free launch on the day of the rebrand.

Working on Saturday the 17th , we were on hand to press the button at 10:00am and monitor accordingly to make sure that there were no issues. We believe that doing this showed our dedication to the project at hand.


Results including evidence of effectiveness prior and post campaign. When discussing figures, tell the judges what the actual figures were, rather than just using percentages (increases). This will add credibility to your submission and give the judges a better understanding of your successes.

Bucking the trends - Comparing all campaigns that were live before and after (3 weeks), we managed to increase CTR by 2.28% from 4.42% to 4.52%.

CPC Inflation Management – Although inflation was expected, it only increased by 7%, meaning that CPL also did not increase as much as expected.

Quality Score - % allocation of keywords with Above Average Expected CTR increased from 46.77% to 55.75% as a result of the new ads. Improvements were also seen in the ad relevance category.

A branded addition - Increase of 20% of our monthly leads at a CPA of $23.33 (less than 10% of our CPL target) from the keyword expansion into brand.