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A Gateway to Savings – AVON North America


Please include a breakdown of implementation costs, staffing costs etc.

AVON North America is comprised of two core business functions. The recruitment of in-field AVON representatives and a sizeable e-commerce business via AVON.COM

Historically much of AVON’s online acquisition efforts have centered around branded search volume resulting in annualized drops in non-brand investment and thus limited new user acquisition.

Representative recruitment occurs via an independent domain in the form of Branded search volumes are centered around a large volume of exact match core brand terms which historically has made it difficult to tailor search messages. This is because keyword ambiguity does not allow for immediate signaling as to user intent. Additional complexity arises around the fact that a portion of e-commerce customers are attached to in-field representatives

As such, the account evolved to a point whereby a dual auction entry occurred for the same terms for both the recruitment and e-commerce propositions. This resulted in highly inflated CPC’s on core brand terms and user confusion.

Among other objectives, TMI was tasked with cost effectively managing search budgets across both products and scaling acquisition which, specifically on recruitment, is reliant on new user acquisition.

Annual budgets are more than $7,000,000 and pertained across all engines.

Target audience & strategy

The dual target audience is comprised of the following:

● Prospective AVON representatives.

● AVON.COM customers independent of AVON representatives

● AVON.COM customers linked to AVON representatives

● Prospective AVON.COM customers

Strategically, and in partnership with AVON, we focused our initial efforts on branded search, mindful that if we could reduce our cost exposure to brand volume we were in a strong position to invest in generic expansion, and thus new user acquisition, within blended ROI goals.

Our immediate focus turned to the high cost of branded search traffic because of the dual auction entry.

In turn, this led to the exploration of a Gateway Page (GWP) solution which would allow a user to navigate toward the appropriate product after completing a core brand and product ambiguous search query.

Implementation & creativity

Hypothesis Modelling

Before any planning was possible, we structured a cost saving and benefit’s hypothesis with defined benchmarks and success indicators. Product downtime resulting in media pauses allowed us to extrapolate expected CPC and QS impact. Against a rigorous testing schedule, the hypothesis was proposed and approved for testing.

Data Overlay

To ensure only the correct (non-conflict) audiences received the GWP experience we used in-engine data attachment functionality, such as customer match, to negative certain audience bases. Additionally, and in partnership with internal technical teams, we started to pass on real time audience updates based on user status on check-out ‘events’ to ensure data integrity and ‘freshness’ was maintained.

Creative and Copy Testing

Through collaboration with internal creative teams, multiple test iterations of the page were developed to not only prove the hypothesis but, also, parallel the path on LP optimization. This resulted in more simplistic versus more information-heavy pages being tested sequentially to a share of traffic over the course of several weeks.

Understanding Success

Against original parameters, success was tracked in real time to confirm impact on product performance. Using DoubleClick Campaign Manager, outbound clicks were tracked as separate campaigns to ensure that costs (now shared) could be apportioned correctly. Additionally, DCM Floodlight data allowed for the tracking of leaked events via static page elements.

Results & evaluation

Please relate these to the objectives stated above

● Conversion rate maintenance against control with some increases.

● 293% CPC reduction.

● CPL reductions more than 500%

● ROAS increases more than 350%

● Estimate annual budget reclamation of over $1 Million

Strategic Summary

Through collaboration with our client and the use of unorthodox approaches coupled with a sound and benchmarked strategy, a relatively simplistic execution paved the way for significant budget reclamation against branded search volumes.

The savings are enabling strategic re-investment and, coupled with other initiatives, are driving forward a strategy pivoted around cost management and customer growth.


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