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The Market's innovative approach to PPC and Paid Social drives ROAS of 5.74 for La Coqueta

The Challenge

The Market were brought on by La Coqueta to develop a strategy that would drive ROI and dramatically improve CPA’s during the quieter summer period to prepare for the busy lead up to Christmas. In the past, target CPA had never been achieved and performance often fluctuated week-to-week, and so an innovative approach was required, utilising historical learnings and other tools for informing the strategy.

Our Approach

With the festive season fast approaching, The Market had to act quickly to improve CPA’s and ensure maximum efficiencies in the digital campaign. This did not come without its obstacles, due to the summer months generally being a quieter period for retail. Through utilising this period efficiently and improving account health and strategy, La Coqueta was able to lead into September and the Q4 period strongly positioned in the digital children’s luxury clothing landscape. The Market chose to map out a three-month development plan encapsulating three main prongs:

- Develop a clearly communicated three-month test and learn plan

- Audit account and complete competitor review

- Use market insights to inform creative

Structured timelines and account management

The three-month roadmap outlined account development plans focusing on a test rotation of new ad formats, targeting strategies and messaging. Through monthly reviews (alongside weekly reporting) on the account, learnings allowed The Market to continuously optimise the campaign strategy, driving the strongest ever ROI for the client in one of their quietest months.

Transparency was key during this test and learn phase - La Coqueta had full visibility on plans for the account at all times and reported back with clear and detailed updates on progress of timelines and results through regular reporting and calls.

Audit and competitor review

Before launching any activity, The Market carried out a review of PPC and social ads formats and language used, for all close competitors in the UK and US markets. Competitor targeting was key in our social strategy, so this review helped us consider the language and ad formats being used in the account historically and how we could differentiate ourselves from competitors.

Insights & test and learn

Our insights found that Instagram stories were growing quickly in this area of the market (3 x faster than feed) and thus saw this as an opportunity to test during the sale period, utilising the self-destructing 24-hour period urgency. The test paid off, with response being overwhelming, driving the strongest August ever. Taking these learnings, the Autumn Winter collection was launched on Instagram stories with improved creative and testing video alongside static which has so far been received excellently.

Audience insights from Facebook feed and Instagram stories were used to boost organic posts using data from the previous month to ensure there was no audience overlap. This showed excellent post engagement and complimented the other ad formats being used.


August ROAS was the strongest generated all year, despite it being lower season and has given La Coqueta an outstanding start to September. Reach was also the strongest ever achieved despite a smaller monthly budget compared to earlier months in the year. By removing heavy reliance on remarketing strategies, the account’s reach to unique prospecting users grew massively during this month, which in turn, aided in the growth of remarketing lists further moving into September and the lead up to Christmas. This was achieved through a clear audience targeting strategy, reacting quickly to market trends and audience engagement.

· 5.74 ROAS driven in August (+61% YoY)

· 30% reduction in CPCs YoY, the lowest ever achieved

· 181% increase in reach YoY, showing ads to unique new users

· 10% increase in CTR YoY – showing more relevant ads to the right audience and ensuring frequency is well monitored


“The Market are proactive and smart in their approach, always being reactive and proactive to identifying trends. The Market had a key role in helping define La Coqueta’s new approach and helping to realise the commercial opportunity, their enthusiasm and talent for online performance is reflective in the results we achieved." Emma Turner – Managing Director


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