Online Discount Codes Case Study

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Online Discount Codes is a website that offers shoppers a chance to maximise their savings by providing active Nike discount codes of up to 50% that are redeemable online

The main challenge for this business is the extremely competitive nature of the industry when it comes to organic search results. When Online Discount Codes approached us, they had suffered a severe drop in their rankings for unspecified reasons.

With their most competitive keyword “nike discount code” generating a search volume of 605,000 it was immediately clear that we would need to implement a completely new, fresh strategy in order to reclaim space in the search engine results.

Furthermore, as a small business with a small website, additional challenges included finding effective ways to bring new users and traffic to the site, as well as ensuring that the website was building up authority.

The latter was a challenge in itself for Online Discount Codes considering the highly sensitive topical nature of the website.

After recognising these challenges, we were able to form and implement a strategy with enough scope to address all aspects of organic growth.


As our first step towards increasing Online Discount Code’s organic ranking, our SEO specialists focussed on creating a strategy that was entirely fresh and grounded in the current and up to date best practices for organic search.

By adhering to these best practices, we were able to generate a steady rise in positioning for our target keywords, rising from position 28 to 12 for the most competitive keyword “nike discount code”.

Along with improving the organic ranking, we put additional focus on finding new and innovative ways to drive new users to the website and increase traffic.

By conducting highly detailed keyword research, we were able to identify opportunities to broaden our targeting and increase the number of keywords we were ranking for which contributed significantly to an increase in goal completions.

In fact, search visibility for Online Discount Codes doubled during the duration of our campaign.

In addition, we started utilising Online Discount Code’s online blog with optimised copy. Working closely with the client allowed us to identify that returning customers contribute a large portion of revenue to the business. In light of this, we were able to utilize our blog strategy to simultaneously increase visibility, adhere to best practices and encourage repurchases.

Sessions have increased by 14.74% since The Good Marketer took over the campaign with the rate of both new and returning customers now higher than ever before.

As we identified in the early stages of managing Online Discount Codes, their business fits into an incredibly competitive market space, particularly in terms of organic search. As such, our underlying goal was always to create a strategy with enough scope to tackle all areas of organic search and SEO from our position in the SERPS to the authority of the website.

With that in mind, we also worked to build up the authority of the incredibly sensitive topical website. We were able to organise our resources to source, analyse and place content on relevant websites relating to lifestyle, fashion and finance in order to boost authority.

However, in order to ensure that the boost in authority was not only significant but also sustainable, we set strict requirements for backlinks, ensuring that domain authority, trust flow and topical trust flow was always of the highest quality.

Doing so has increased and stabilised Online Discount Codes’ authority in just 6 months.

The Results

Since working with Online Discount Codes, we have:

Achieved a 608% increase in goal completions

Increased website sessions by 14.74% in just 6 months

Significantly increased the rate of new and returning customers

Doubled search engine visibility as a result of our search campaign

Increased positioning for their most competitive keyword “nike discount code” from position 28 to position 12