Important 2021 SEO Trends You Need To Know For eCommerce

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SEO trends can be challenging to keep up with because of how frequently they update

However, staying ahead of the game and incorporating the newest SEO trends into your eCommerce business is a good idea to ensure you are doing everything to remain competitive.

Whether you opt for an SEO Agency London or a team in-house, there should be a focus on creating an effective SEO strategy to get the best results. As the digital world moves incredibly fast, and algorithm updates are rolled out by Google regularly, we must stay updated with new trends and ensure that we adhere to SEO best practices where possible.

For eCommerce businesses, remaining aware of what is happening in SEO is crucial; you need to drive more organic traffic to convert to paying customers ultimately. If not, you’ll struggle to rank.

So, what are 2021’s SEO trends to know?

The User And Their Search Purpose Is Most Important

Without users and their intention to search for information, there would be no need for SEO or any eCommerce business at all. Naturally, focusing more on the user and their purposes will be a significant trend in 2021.

User behaviour is continuously changing, meaning that you need to be on top of their new behaviour to satisfy their needs and wants. As search engines’ algorithms continue to roll out, what was once the best course of action will not work anymore. Research needs to be done within the SERPs and users’ search trends because this is now what the algorithm is learning.

Consider Optimising For Voice Search

Voice technology has become increasingly better over the last few years, and voice search is climbing close behind. Search engine algorithms are adapting too and learning the way people speak naturally. Thus, helping search engines to provide more accurate, humanistic responses.

Voice search will become more popular as the year goes on, so it is wise to jump on board this trend now. However, one thing to remember is that voice search will perform better when the keywords sound more natural when spoken. In other words, in many typed-out searches, people will often abbreviate. Though, in voice searches, people are more likely to say the entire sentence.

Mobile-Based User Experience SEO

Although having a fantastic SEO strategy will be useful for your website across all platforms (desktops, tablets, and mobiles), mobiles are quickly taking the lead in terms of the most used device for searches. Consequently, if your website is not optimised to run correctly on a mobile, you will likely lose many potential customers and receive less traffic to the site.

By implementing an SEO strategy that optimises your mobile website, you are more likely to rank better, thus obtaining more website traffic. As mentioned above, mobiles are the chosen device when searching for something online. In this case, you can be assured that your website will please visitors because of how user-friendly it is.

The ease and convenience of using a mobile phone make on-the-go searching a lot more appealing than a desktop. Knowing this, you can set much of your focus this year on ensuring your website is quick and easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop.

This is not a trend that should be looked at lightly, either. Google is considering mobile versions for rankings and not their desktop versions. If you have been neglecting your mobile website optimisation, it is worthwhile taking the time to implement a mobile-responsive website instead.

Produce Quality Long-Form Content

Merely having lots of random content on your website will not serve you in 2021. This year, long-form quality content is essential. It may be useful to go through your entire website and remove any old, incomplete or irrelevant pieces of content and replace these with informative, relevant, and quality copy.

Longer content is getting more attention and more shares as of now, improving their websites’ ranking and authority. Keep in mind that headings and subheadings are vital for long-form content, though. With no spacing or divisions, a block of information will not be seen as quality but rather as neither here nor there.

Focus on the important trends mentioned; remaining aware of your user’s search intent, providing mobile-friendly browsing, and offering the quality content sought after, and your traffic will see a positive impact. 2021 is the year to fine-tune your SEO strategy as more businesses look to increase their online presence, organic visibility, and sales.