Facebook Ads For YrPod

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YrPod is a family run business that designs, builds and installs high-quality garden buildings around the UK

As well as bringing years of experience, Yr Pod offers the complete customisation of all their buildings according to the specific desires of their customers. In this way, they are unlike similar businesses. After a collaborative design process, their buildings can either be assembled on-site or at their workshop and delivered as a complete unit, ensuring maximum ease and efficiency for customers.

Upon joining us, YrPod wasn’t leveraging social media to generate revenue and needed help with launching the brand online, increasing awareness and securing new customers. Furthermore, whilst they knew Facebook Ads would be right for them, they were unsure where to begin.

At the time YrPod got in touch with us, we were at the forefront of the pandemic which, whilst challenging in its own right, presented fertile ground for this particular line of business. With more people working from home and far less demand for inner-city office space, Yr Pod offered something highly appealing to people who were in need of some extra space.

After an in-depth review of the brand, we were immediately able to see the potential here and create a strategy that honed in on the surrounding environment.


In response to the challenges we identified, The Good Marketer was able to introduce a Facebook Lead Generation campaign as a means to launch the brand and drive awareness of the services on offer.

With YrPod being a new brand, our strategy relied heavily on interest targeting. We split customers into two categories: those who were looking to purchase from a business or “work from home” perspective and those who were looking to purchase from a lifestyle perspective. After dividing our audience, we were then able to tailor our ad copy accordingly, along with the landing page that we created and managed. This resulted in a cost per lead of £6.50.

We implemented and optimised a lead form on the landing page to harness potential enquiries, however, during our regular analysis of the ad account and communication with the team at YrPod, we found in the very early stages a need to filter the enquiries we were getting in order to segment the quality traffic that we were looking for.

To do so, we assessed the needs of potential buyers and created a list of filtering questions that provided insight both about the services and helped filter enquiries based on their needs. These questions related to the customer’s budget, their planned use for the building and the location in which their building would be installed.

Following this, we were able to introduce an email marketing funnel to filter our enquiries further. We set up a series of welcome emails to be sent to our enquiries including a brief introduction to the brand and details of when they could expect to be contacted.

We then designed our second welcome email to provide customers with further information about the brand and a virtual catalogue of the products on offer prior to their initial phone consultation.

Our final email in the welcome flow provides customers with a detailed account of the process from enquiry to installation and promotes an offer to recapture the interests of enquiries who have gone cold.

As a result of the work we have undertaken so far in getting them set up on both Instagram and Facebook, YrPod has been able to expand their studio, hire new team members and grow their business considerably in a time when many businesses are struggling.

We are now exploring new opportunities with YrPod to see how we can continue this growth as we enter the quieter seasons.