BAF Motorsports Case Study

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BAF Motorsport offers a unique product called a K-Brace, which can be installed into the boot of a car with ease at home and improve the stability and structure of the car when going around corners

Naturally, this and their other motorsport performance products appeals mostly to young men with an interest in cars and racing.

When we were approached by Chris, who runs BAF Motorsports, he was keen to grow brand awareness for his unique product and reach a wider audience to start growing the company. We knew that Facebook & Instagram Ads would be a great way to reach this niche interest, which had unsuccessfully been trialled previously. Therefore, we conducted initial research and identified key areas for improvement that had previously been costing BAF Motorsports crucial sales:

A lack of ad creative being utilisedUnspecific targeting or missed opportunities with Facebook audiencesCopy which did not speak directly to the customerNo use of retargeting, losing customers that were close to converting.


In order to confront these issues, we began by considering how we could reach our target audience, and serve ads in front of them without having to pay a high cost per click, typical of this industry.

We set out to implement a full funnel campaign, focused on the following;

Lookalike audiences targeting users who are similar to those who had already purchased from the website. Interest-based audiences based on magazines and brands that our target audience would be interested in. Retargeting audiences targeting those who had abandoned their baskets.

We first introduced the interest based audiences, building on information we already knew about the target demographic. From here, we then added the lookalike purchaser audience, which grew the account significantly.

By having this specific type of audience on our ads, Facebook would pick out users that it thought would be interested in our product based on previous purchasing behaviour, and match them to our ads. To ensure we followed through on the audiences we invested in, we also introduced the retargeting campaign. As a result, we saw store sessions soar by 136%.

We also knew that the creative and copy had to showcase this unique K-brace, as the cold and warm audiences were unlikely to have come across this product before. The creative had to address the key pain point or question from the audience, which is “how do I fit this?”. To address this, we implemented the following:

Designed eye-catching creatives which displayed the product being used Used a variety of ad formats including carousels, still images and slideshows to illustrate the range of colours and vehicles compatible. Utilised special offers to attract attention.

The copy that accompanied the ads was crucial in capturing the attention of online users so we were sure to shine a light on the benefits of the K-Brace in a few short lines. By focusing on the USPs of the product, such as improved cornering performance and improved strength and style, we captured the essence of the product while appealing to the targeted demographic. As a result, we maintained a click-through rate of 5.5%, a very respectable score and a likely contributor to the success of our campaigns.

CPCs for this industry are typically very high, driven up by huge players within the market. To avoid competing with these market dominators, we instead targeted things such as Pistonheads and Euro Car Parts, appealing to audiences that already had a common interest as our customers. By widening our audiences in this way, we maintained consistent results by collecting potential customers that competitors had missed.

Finally, retargeting our ads to those who had already expressed an interest in BAF Motorsports in some way allowed us to entice them back with offers of free shipping and discounts, ultimately improving the client’s sales by an impressive 142%.

The Results

Over a 4 month period with BAF Motorsports, we achieved:

An impressive 142% increase in sales

14% increase in Average Order Value.

A dramatic 107% increase in the number of orders

Average Return On Ad Spend of 3.79

Average Click Through Rate of 5.50%, well above the average of 2-3%

136% increase in the number of store sessions