Launching Zaxbys Signature Chicken Sandwich

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Zaxbys is an American fast food chain with over 900 locations

In September 2020 we won a competitive process to launch the new Zaxbys Signature Chicken Sandwich and become their first influencer agency of record.

We won’t lie, we’d been waiting for our chance to enter the ‘Chicken Sandwich War’. 2020 was the year the other big players; Popeyes, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds etc has very publicly waged war on each other and spent huge budgets launching and leveraging social in an attempt to dominate the market.

Challenge accepted the battle lines were drawn. We joined the all-agency team and initially focused our efforts on using hyper-local micro-influencers to drive huge uplift in sales in two key test markets; Tennessee and Kentucky.

Following the Instagram-focused test campaign, we added a tier-one YouTube layer to the strategy and went big for the national sandwich rollout across 15 States. Our local market understanding was critical in positioning Zaxbys as the cult challenger brand, joining the battle to wage war, guerilla style on the established elite.

We won the battle, but the war wages on.

Some of our results from the test campaign are:

100%+ over achievement on all key performance indicators.

$50k+ in earned content value, including four TikToks with a combined 665k+ impressions.

We achieved 9.46% overall engagement rates across the campaign.

The campaign had an overall 7.52% click-through rate.