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The Goat Agency and Boomin have partnered to bring high quality, entertaining and engaging property content to people's screens

The Goat Agency and Boomin have partnered to bring high quality, entertaining and engaging property content to people's screens.

Combining high production quality with some of the biggest celebrities, influencers and YouTuber personalities in the UK, the Boomin Property YouTube channel already has more than double the subscribers of Rightmove and Zoopla’s channels combined. The channel has also amassed over 3 million views in less than one year, garnered over 26,000 subscribers and racked up over 200,000 hours of watch time. “It shouldn't be underestimated how original this is for a new start-up to begin building a subscriber base on YouTube from day one of launch. Going beyond just paid search or social right from the outset has been crucial to the marketing strategy,” said Phil Lloyd, Boomin’s CMO.

Reaching audiences in a unique way has been a key part of Boomin's digital strategy, and partnering with Goat has enabled them to create a strong presence and highly valuable following on the long-form video sharing platform.

Brits have a love affair with all things property and creating engaging content that speaks to the target audience but is less transactional in nature is a brave and incredibly forward-thinking strategy that Boomin is reaping the rewards of.

From 5+ million subscriber Behzinga, to Love Island sensations, Olivia and Alex Bowen, Boomin and Goat are giving the UK market a sneak peek into how some of the UK's best-loved influencers live behind closed doors. However, the house tour with Ethan' Behzinga' Payne saw Boomin's greatest success - with the video hitting #1 on YouTube's trending page and quickly amassing over 1.5 million views, matching the total viewing audience for the latest installment of the ever popular Kirstie & Phil’s Love It or List It.

“We love working with brands looking to disrupt the way things are traditionally done, and Boomin is certainly one of them.

Working closely with their team to launch the biggest property platform's YouTube channel has been a real success for the agency. Boomin are genuinely looking to plant themselves at the epicentre of people's minds when it comes to property. Their openness and creativity have allowed both parties to build a highly successful channel.

We're only getting started - watch out for some huge things in the pipeline for 2022 between Boomin and Goat.” Said Harry Hugo, The Goat Agency Co-Founder.

While the channel launched in 2021, Boomin has huge plans for 2022 to take it to the next level and is already in talks with even more household names and some of Britain's most unique properties to give audiences countless more hours of property content to enjoy.

“We are a property obsessed nation but until now social/online channels have failed to provide sufficiently high-end, well produced yet clickable content to feed our addiction. People are bored and fatigued with the same old property shows; they want to see the most exciting, jaw-dropping and unusual properties in the UK presented by the most influential people that are relevant to them, online. Working with The Goat Agency has enabled us to do exactly that with great success,” said Phil.