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MAKE UK: The Makers Meet

Establishing a meaningful relationship with young engineers and apprentices

Make UK (formerly the EEF), a members based organisation for manufacturing in the U.K for 125 years. Make UK’s long standing relationships with large organisations have formed the backbone of their membership base but, 2019 saw a reimagining of the brand and with it an ambition to position Make UK as the champions of tomorrow’s young manufacturers and engineers.

Bringing the audience in to the creative process

To help Make UK begin to structure a platform for youth engagement, The Elephant Room conducted three phases of research. Each phase of research, spanning from ethnographic through to focus groups provided more context to their career aspirations, vision for the future and their attitudes towards the world of work.

A generation that feel they can create a better future

Engineering and manufacturing are rarely seen as creative pursuits but the audiences desire to create without borders or have that creativity be the subject of academic scrutiny was evident. They could see how as engineers their skills were the necessary catalyst to turn thought into function and through collaboration impact some of the world’s environmental or social problems.

At a more practical level, they wanted to be part of an industry that was more representative, inclusive and progressive in it’s thinking. They felt that having the opportunity to engage with those at the forefront of manufacturing 4.0 bringing new technologies and changing industry narratives would provide them with the inspiration they needed to achieve their ambitions.

The Maker's Meet Festival

Establishing a Culture Council made up of our most engaged respondents form the research, we co-created an event structured in a way that would directly meet the needs identified by our audience through the research. The Makers Meet was born. A one day festival that would set the tone for the future of manufacturing and engineering in the UK. By dividing the event into 5 zones, we ensured that no matter what their area of interest, young STEM students and apprentices would have a reason to get excited.

The event is on 12th October at the Custard Factory, Birmingham.


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