Admixer to join other leading industry players at upcoming Adsider LIVE/Programmatic Spend event

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The online conference for marketing and media buying specialists will tackle the key issues facing the industry today, including how to combat ad fraud

The online conference for marketing and media buying specialists will tackle the key issues facing the industry today, including how to combat ad fraud

London, UK 8th September 2021: On Thursday September 16th, Admixer will be participating in an expert panel which forms a key part of the online conference, Adsider LIVE/Programmatic Spend.

The event sees 15 experts from leading industry companies such as Admixer, PubMatic, Algorix, Adtarget, Awarion and Unruly explaining upcoming changes in the advertising industry, including how they have succeeded in crisis - and despite a rapidly shifting landscape.

Speakers will give their take on the most pressing issues facing the programmatic market today, such as how to achieve success with new user acquisition channels and how to target users in today’s evolving marketplace.

The conference will also cover:

- Trends within rapidly growing ad markets in Europe;

- Tools for boosting user acquisition and the overall efficiency of the ad campaigns in 2022;

- ‘Programmatic-advertising 2.0’: Including audio, CTV, OTT and DOOH

The conference will also feature a panel discussion on Fraud, Brand Measurement, and b(Ad) spend in which Admixer’s Yaroslav Kholod joins Brand Metrics’ Anders Lithner and Group M’s Stevan Randjelovic in a discussion moderated by Julia Smith of The Digital Voice.

They will consider the prevalence of digital ad fraud today, and discuss how, with a shift in focus towards ad quality, what more is needed to continue this trend, including the role played by programmatic.

Yaroslav Kholod, Director of Programmatic Operations, at Admixer, comments: “B(ad) spend still plagues the industry, while piracy remains a critical concern for all responsible advertisers. Indeed, ever since real-time bidding gave birth to today’s global network of ad exchanges and SSPs, fraud, misrepresented inventory and opaque supply chains have plagued the digital ad business. We will look at how to measure campaigns most effectively, and how to enrich the supply chain. It remains critical that the industry comes together in this way to generate long-term solutions.”

The event takes place 12-5pm CET/11-4pm BST and this panel will take place 4-5pm CET/3-4pm BST.

Adsider LIVE/Programmatic Spend looks set to benefit everyone who wants to find new channels for growing their business through digital advertising.

Participation is free, but registration is required and you can join up and bring your own comments and questions for the Q&A here.

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Hanna Yatel, CMO, Admixer

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