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Meet our official sponsor - Winmo

4 November 2019 12:24pm

The BD100 is proud to be partnering with Winmo this year!

The BD100 2019, in partnership with The Drum, will be presenting two additional awards at our event on 20th November at Atmosphere Venues.

Winmo will be sponsoring the Agency New Business Win of the Year award which will be announced on the night of The BD100.

Winmo is a predictive sales intelligence platform that supports sales professionals to source reliable decision-maker information. Sales acceleration is their passion, which is why we knew they’d be the perfect partner for The BD100.

Could your agency be awarded the Agency New Business Win of the Year?

As well as recognising all the hard work that goes into long term new business success, we also appreciate that new business can be all about the buzz of a big game-changing new win – with the fame, fortune and fun this can bring.

If you think your team could be the Agency New Business Win of the Year - download the submission form here.

We caught up with the CEO of Winmo, Dave Currie last week to get his view on how Business Development can transform an organisation, how he predicts the future of BD will change and why he chose to partner with The BD100.

How has business development changed your organisation?

Effective business development has the potential to dramatically change every organisation as growth is vital for any company, including our own. Effective business development for our company is focused around creating world-class sales solutions for our customers who are themselves agency business development professionals.

Why do you support The BD100?

Agency business development is a team sport, yet a sport where the team Captain is rarely recognised for their triumphs. Supporting these Captains and their teams with exclusive, actionable insights is our mission, so to partner with the BD100 to celebrate the top-guns and their achievements is our honor.

Why is it important for business developers to get involved with The BD100?

If you’re involved in agency business development, you know how challenging the task and how rare and fleeting the recognition. Therefore, you’re highly likely to be intrinsically driven to win. The BD100 is an opportunity for you to celebrate your accomplishments and those of your peers.

How do you see business development changing in the next decade?

Technology is replacing what we define traditionally as the sales function of people an incredible pace. D2C purchasing power and the volume of transactions here is an obvious benchmark KPI for simple, transaction-based purchases. However, complex, considered purchase paths remain the domain (especially in b2b) of people. People still buy from people, even if the information validation path is digital. AI is a long way from encroachment here but will become an ever increasingly useful tool for agency business development teams.

What characteristics do you think makes a good business developer?

Aside from a twisted sense of humor perhaps, a high EQ, thick-skin and an intrinsically driven love of the hunt.

What are you most looking forward to on the night of The BD100 2019?

The reactions and faces of the BD Captains in this team sport as they’re recognised for their triumphs.

Join us on 20th November at Atmosphere Venues to celebrate The BD100 2019 - click here to get your tickets!


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