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Meet our official sponsor: Havn

4 November 2019 12:32pm

The BD100 is proud to be partnering with Havn this year!

Havn is the new all-electric chauffeur service powered by Jaguar Land Rover. Operating in and around London, Havn is re-defining premium executive travel. With their fleet of award-winning Jaguar I-PACEs, they are the only zero emission, all-electric chauffeur service operating in London. Watch this video to find out more, and download the app here.

Uniquely positioned to provide a responsible service to busy working professionals, Havn fully employs and trains all of their chauffeurs, ensuring they provide their customers with a safe and consistent premium service.

Havn will be gifting the Business Developer of the Year and The Rising Star £100 credit towards the use of their exclusive service.

We caught up with Nicholas Osy de Zegwaart, Head of Business Development at Havn, to discuss The BD100 and their exciting chauffeur experience!

How has business development changed Havn?

Havn was actually born out of the frustrations in the industry for a responsible urban mobility service that ticked all the boxes; zero-emissions, care for the chauffeurs, no surprise charges, and a mobile/web platform hybrid for easy booking. We’ve built Havn from the ground up and quickly seen the proof of concept with key accounts such as hotels and SMEs finally using a service that actually empowers their own business development efforts. If anything, Havn is changing business development.

Why do you support The BD100?

As an entrepreneurial tech startup, our values are very much-aligned in terms of supporting the growth of similarly innovative companies in the UK. The passion and energy that comes from the BD community excites us, and, as a result, we are thrilled to be supporting The BD100!

How can Havn benefit a busy business developer?

Havn is here to give you the opportunity to stay productive on your way to a meeting (with in-vehicle WiFi and iPad) - whether it’s checking up on the latest news of who you’re meeting or putting the finishing touches to your pitch, Havn provides you with the best environment to do this whilst on the move. With both the app and online booking platform, Havn can be booked in hourly slots - plus, imagine turning up to see a client in a Jaguar! Impressive.

What are the key features of a Havn chauffeur driven experience?

First and foremost, we are a deeply responsible business - from the way we recruit and train our chauffeurs, to the fully-electric, zero-emissions fleet we use, to the way we treat the customer.

The level of quality is a natural output of this care, with the dedication and attention-to-detail that makes all the difference on your important cross-city journey.

We also have unique personalisation features too, with My Havn allowing you to set your ideal temperature, switch on the “Do Not Disturb” function, choose the music for your trip, and select your entertainment through the system. With this in the palm of your hands, you’re fully in control of your own experience - all through the app available on both iOS and Android here.

What are you most looking forward to on the night of The BD100 2019?

We are really looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and celebrating the winners!

If you haven’t already, save your space at The BD100 event 2019 here.


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