A Team One Tradition and Symbol of Unity, the Peace Tree Stands Tall

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It’s a reminder to be kind, to take the time to reflect on what the past year has brought and what the new year has to offer

The Peace Tree is an annual tradition that promotes unity and giving among employees and partners of legacy and luxury advertising agency Team One.

Standing tall in the lobby each holiday season, the man-made Peace Tree welcomes everyone to the agency during the holiday season with branches containing messages of hope, peace and, above all, love. Everyone who encounters the interactive display is invited to come inside the tree to reflect on the last turbulent year. And if the spirit’s willing, share a message.

Naturally, the Peace Tree has a pretty cool origins story: Burning Man artist Robert James Buchholz came to the shop in 2015 to build the twine-and-stone structure, which commemorates the holidays while promoting the concept of peace. It takes two days to assemble. The 195 hooks at the base represent the world’s 195 countries and each helps stabilize the tree. At the tree’s top, they are united by a peace sign.