Team One Debuts Ads for Polaris Slingshot Vehicles During March Madness

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Team One is breaking its first creative for Slingshot during March Madness with an integrated advertising campaign that includes TV, social and digital media buys

And wait for it, a bleeped-out “F” bomb.

Polaris Slingshot is a three-wheeled, open-air roadster that combines exotic looks with raw performance. Team One handles creative for Polaris’ Indian Motorcycle account and won the additional Slingshot business in January. Their previous agency was The Integer Group. Slingshot vehicles hit the market in 2015.

In the 15- and 30-second ad executions, viewers are introduced to flashes of the mysterious Slingshot in a dark room. It could be a UFO, for all we know. “We dare you to ignore it,” a voice says. “We dare you to categorize it.” As the taunts continue, the screen flashes a series of visceral and futuristic-looking shots that look straight out of a Tron movie —showing the Slingshot at different angles, including a bird’s-eye view of the exotic machine with no doors and no roof. Finally, we get the full reveal and the roadster springs into action. The helmeted drivers buckle in and the Slingshot aggressively accelerates. The ad tags with: “Slingshot: Drive one at your Slingshot dealer. We f---in’ dare you.”

Team One created PG versions to comply with network censors; and saves its bleeped out swears for the digital and social domain, joining the ranks of Fabletics, Reebok, NewCastle and other brands that have flirted with using bleeped out curse words in TV ads.

The brash strategy is aimed at reaching Slingshot’s target audience of “Broken-DNA Thrill-seekers,” who index high for adrenaline and attention. As that name implies, this is a segment that loves to take risks and sees themselves as “self-made” and “the life of the party.” These consumers tend to be middle-age males with discretionary income ($100k+) and aligns well with March Madness demographics.

Polaris believes these adrenaline thrill-seekers are customers who could help Slingshot define the unique category of one—and perhaps even become a brand verb like Band-Aid or Uber. To “Slingshot” is to ride this type of vehicle, typically with the intent to show off its exotic looks and/or raw performance capabilities.

“March Madness is the perfect opportunity for Slingshot to reach a new target and connect to a cultural moment. Slingshot is all about pushing boundaries and the tournament brings this same ambition out of the players and the fans.” –Kevin Reilly, Senior Director of Marketing – Slingshot

Slingshot Clients:

Steve Menneto – President, Polaris Motorcycle Division

Kevin Reilly – Senior Marketing Director

Rachael Elia – Marketing Manager

Production Company: Sibling Rivalry

Joe Wright – Director

Maggie Meade – Executive Producer / Partner

Shelby Ross – Executive Producer

Joanna Fillie – Head of Production

Amanda Clark Altham – Producer

Bryan Cook – Editor

Adolfo Martinelli – Colorist

James Bohn – Flame Artist

Bob Gremore – Sound Engineer

Chris Graves - Chief Creative Officer

Craig Crawford – Group Creative Director

Scott Ivener – Copywriter

Patrick Dougherty – Art Director

Reilly Park – Producer

Steve Bava – Management Director, Client Services

Landon Nguyen – Account Director

Taylor Toomey – Account Executive

Jen Grant – Management Director, Strategy

Robert Watchmaker – Junior Planner

David Peake – Director of Business Affairs

Karen Thomas- Senior Project Manager