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Pulse marketing dashboard gets a big update

by Leo Zalischiker

August 20, 2019

The marketing and innovation consultancy TD Reply (formerly trommsdorff + drüner), headquartered in Berlin, adds important new features to Pulse, its marketing dashboard solution. Among those: the Data Creativity Score module for real-time tracking and benchmarking of marketing campaigns. This worldwide unique technology makes it possible to evaluate the creative strength of campaigns based on data. Another new addition is the quintly API, which enables industry-leading social media analytics. Furthermore, users can now plan their media budgets directly from their Pulse dashboard with the Media Flight Planner.

Since its launch in 2017, Pulse has been the only marketing dashboard tool on the market that is designed both for analytical and creative thinkers as well as corporate executives. This data-driven solution enables companies not only to evaluate and optimize their strategies but also to achieve a higher degree of integration between data and creativity. As a result, it can help to substantially improve the quality and performance of marketing campaigns.

The 2.27 and 2.28 updates recently rolled out to customers add a number of novel features that make Pulse even more powerful in both areas. Pulse is used across industries by leading multinational companies.

DCS: the creativity benchmark

One of the most interesting novelties is the Data Creativity Score (DCS). This module represents both a real-time performance tracker and a benchmark for marketing campaigns, which can calculate a score for the creativity of the campaigns based on the online reactions to them. This is done by processing Google search and buzz data via sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, which can identify the tonality of online comments and even intelligently recognize slang and context. As a result, DCS makes it possible to quantify creativity on the basis of live and unfiltered audience response data.

The new DCS module can both track and analyze own as well as competitor campaigns.

This enables actionable insights into how the focus groups perceive the campaigns and allows for data-driven recommendations for action and optimization – not only after the end of the campaign, but also during action.

New opportunities for social media analytics

Even more important conclusions about marketing performance can now be drawn with the help of the new quintly API. quintly is one of the leading social media analytics tools for professional marketers, supporting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. It incorporates over 350 metrics and can generate automated reports. Pulse users can now easily connect to quintly as a data source. In combination with the social publishing tool Sprinklr, which can also be integrated into Pulse, this opens up completely new possibilities for a holistic social media management. Among other thing, clear correlations between social media key figures and strategically relevant target figures such as sales or ROI can be identified.

Plan media budgets

With the new Media Flight Planner users can also plan media budgets from their Pulse dashboard. The module gives users a complete overview of planned and actual budgets for all relevant media channels. Moreover, users can connect the Media Flight Planner and the Live ROI calculation modules, allowing for precise real-time recommendations for budget adjustments.


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