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Engineer: Our top performing blogs of 2021

by Tanya Svilar

January 7, 2022

You can see the best of our articles on design in the first instalment of this series here or read on to see what caught the attention of our engineering-minded readers in 2021.

3. We Need to Talk: Why You Should Break Up with Legacy Tech

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But how do you know whether it’s just a rough patch or time to move on? We're talking about breaking up with legacy tech.Simply put, breaking up with legacy tech means moving away from dated solutions like physical servers and implementing more modern, cloud-based alternatives. We often stay attached to these outdated systems because they do their job. The reality is that they can be costly, clunky, and even leave you susceptible to security breaches.Making the move has lots of benefits but can be tricky to navigate. In this article, Lead Developer Mike gives 7 signs that it’s time for you to start cutting ties with outdated systems.

Find out if it’s time for you to break up with your legacy tech.

2. Is JAMStack the future of the web? How it works and why use it

JAMStack is billed as being the future of modern web development. So, if you need to brush up on it- or have never heard about it - read the guide our Tech Director Andy put together earlier this year.

From using its framework to build faster, safer and more cost-effective sites, to giving your developers a more enjoyable experience, the advantages of using a JAMStack can be boundless. Read this article for everything you need to know on how it works and the ways in which you could benefit from it.

Discover what makes JAMStack different.

1. Questions to ask before a global website launch? Part 2: Technical strategy

Are you thinking about combining multiple regional sites into one global site? It’s great to have one central hub that customers can visit to understand your business offering.This type of consolidation project can reduce both workload and expense. However, no project comes without its challenges- and particularly from a technical perspective, it’s not a straightforward decision.In the second instalment of this two-part series on global websites, Tech Director Andy drills down into the technical challenges you might face. If you want more guidance on strategy, part one of this series considers these projects from a business perspective.

Read more about the technical considerations to make before a global website launch.

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