International Workplace Group - Sales Hub

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IWG is the global leader in the flexible workspace market, providing serviced offices, co-working spaces and virtual meeting rooms and lounges

We previously worked with IWG across their roster of brands to transform their customer app, improving the user experience for 2.5 million individual clients in 120 countries. Our work now continues in the IWG tech space, to support their mission of using industry-leading technology to deliver the best real estate solutions for businesses.

The brief

The project aim was clear: to bring together and ultimately replace a number of existing products with a singular, responsive and intuitive app - built with scalability in mind.

What they did

A project on this scale requires in-depth user and market research to define the user priorities for the app. To begin the process, we conducted valuable research into how the sales teams were using various legacy tools and applications at the time. This allowed us to identify unmet user needs and overall better understand the challenges they were facing, and better informed us for the enhancements to be implemented.

To deliver the comprehensive yet seamless experience IWG’s users required, we worked to build the app to the highest technical specifications.

What’s next?

We’re not stopping there - we’ll be continuing to work on a roadmap of features and functionality over the coming year, as well as translating the app into 42 different languages to support IWG’s global function.We’re also continuing to work with IWG across their whole roster of brands, so you can expect more new products and services focusing on improving how IWG sell office space and could better service their existing clients.

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