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Look After My Bills gains 10,000 new memberships in 9 months

“Looking to diversify our media mix, we turned to Taboola to help us reach relevant consumers on premium publisher sites in the UK. Taboola worked closely with us to lower our CPA in several different ways, and are now a fundamental part of how we look to attract new customers.”

~Sam Frost, Marketing Strategy Director, Look After My Bills


Look After My Bills is an auto-switching service that is dedicated to making energy bills better for consumers.


Diversify media mix beyond Facebook to reach consumers on the open web, while also increasing memberships at a low cost per acquisition (CPA)


Use Taboola to distribute advertorial content and retarget relevant consumers with Taboola Attentive Audiences.


With Taboola, Look After My Bills was able to gain 10,000 new memberships in just nine months. The use of Taboola’s attentive audiences reduced CPA by 60%, while the use of a CTA button reduced their CPA by 22%.


Look After My Bills is an auto-switching service that is dedicated to making energy bills better for consumers. They’re on a mission to reach out to everyone getting ripped off on their energy bills and to stop the supplier loyalty tax.

They pitched their service on BBC Dragons’ Den and all five Dragons made them an offer. They walked away with two Dragons and the best deal in the history of the den.

Look After My Bills Finds 10,000 Potential Customers on Premium Sites Across the Open Web

Look After My Bills was looking to reach more United Kingdom (UK) residents missing out on savings for their utility bills. They wanted to diversify their media mix beyond Facebook to the open web, in order to reach high quality audiences on premium publisher sites.

Working with Taboola, Look After My Bills used advertorial content to reach potential consumers, which provided them the opportunity to tell their story and convince people to convert. This advertorial content was hosted on several different sites, like Pocket Your Pound, and others.

Their campaigns were powered by Smart Bid, Taboola’s automated bidding feature designed to maximise the conversions your campaigns generate based on advertisers’ marketing objectives.

Taboola’s Attentive Audiences Reduces Look After My Bills Retargeting Campaign CPA by 60%

Look After My Bills also ran retargeting campaigns with Taboola to drive traffic directly to their website’s homepage. This campaign captured those who had responded to their advertorial campaign but hadn’t yet converted using Taboola’s Attentive Audiences.

Attentive Audiences are groups of people that have spent a significant amount of time on a company’s website or landing age, but haven’t yet converted. Behaviours like number of recurring visits, time spent on site, scroll depth, and the number of pages a user visited within a session are measured by Taboola’s algorithm, and the strength and depth of these behaviours are used to define an Attentive Audience specific to our advertiser’s campaign.

The Addition of a CTA Button on Look After My Bills’ Creatives Reduced CPA by 22%

Look After My Bills worked with Taboola to optimise their campaign creatives for all of their campaigns. A new creative ad format from Taboola allows advertisers to add a CTA button, which reduced Look After My Bills’ campaign CPA by 22%.

The call to action (or CTA) appears as a button alongside the creative, and is designed to catch the attention of users and drive them towards a specific post-click action based on the campaign KPI.

Look After My Bills Expands Partnership with Taboola Leveraging Video

After seeing initial success with performance campaigns, Look After My Bills expanded their partnership with Taboola to test video. With Taboola, they distributed a recent TV commercial which was measured with branding goals.

Taboola is now a fundamental part of the Look After My Bills marketing mix.


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Look After My Bills